3 Episodes

In this series of short videos, we will explore the basics of the Metaverse, debunk common myths and misconceptions surrounding it, and showcase how web3 and AI can benefit the dental industry. We will also explore the concept of virtual clinics and how they can improve the patient experience.

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  • How A.I. Tools are changing Dentistry

    Episode 4

    The integration of A.I. tools in dentistry promises to revolutionize the field, enabling dentists to provide more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatments, and improved patient experiences. While there are ethical and technical challenges to overcome, the potential benefits of A.I. in oral hea...

  • Beyond the Brush EP03

    In the latest episode of our podcast - Beyond The Brush, we had the pleasure of hosting Alessandro Devigus, a visionary Swiss dentist and the brilliant mind behind DentalTV.
    Alessandro shares his invaluable insights on various topics, like the current status of dental education, the power of shor...

  • Common questions about AI in dentistry - Episode 1

    Learn about AI basics, machine learning, deep learning, and much more as Amelia provides expert advice, insights, and guidance on incorporating cutting-edge AI diagnostic technologies into your dental practice.