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DentalTV offers a new educational approach for dentists and students, focusing on modern skills like photography and marketing, mental wellness, and more, through a Freemium model. It's a platform for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to enhance their knowledge, with VIP memberships available for exclusive content. Join the community and access valuable resources to advance your dental career.

  • Dental Practice 101 Beyond the Clinic

    1 season

    Opening a dental practice is a significant step that involves much more than just the clinical skills taught in dental school. While dental school focuses on the technical and clinical aspects of dentistry, running a dental office requires a broad set of skills and knowledge in areas such as busi...

  • Articles and Reviews

    7 videos

    Interesting articles and reviews of relevant literature

  • How to be a better YOU

    1 season

    We will take you on a journey of self-discovery so that you can build confidence, overcome obstacles, and achieve success. Adrien will show you how to break down barriers and discover your true self so that you can live an authentic life with purpose, passion, and direction.

  • Christina Radics Coaching

    4 videos

    Dr. Christina Radics
    Dentist, Former Dental Clinic Owner, Certified Coach for Dental Professionals,Keynote Speaker, DJ
    Allow me to introduce myself, a dentist from Sweden, now residing in the enchanting land of Spain.
    With my dental journey commencing in 2000, I have traversed a path filled wit...

  • Social Media Best Of

    13 videos

    This series showcases the finest in dental photography, videography, and marketing.
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  • Dental Photography School

    6 seasons

    I put together this course to help beginners and more advanced photographers learn more about dental photography. I cover some of the common problems that dental photographers face and how to solve them. New seasons will be added on a regular basis or following your feedback and requests.


  • DentalTV Podcast

    10 videos

    Listen & Learn

  • SONY Photo & Video School

    1 season

    In this video series, you will learn valuable tips and tricks for capturing high-quality dental photographs using Sony mirrorless cameras. From camera settings and lighting techniques to composition and post-processing, each video will cover a specific aspect of dental photography to help you cap...

  • Nikon Photo & Video School

    1 season

    All you need to know to Master your Nikon equipment

  • Canon Photo & Video School

    1 season

    All you need to know to Master your Canon equipment

  • Social Media Study Club

    1 season

    Are you a dental professional or enthusiast looking to carve your niche in the bustling world of social media? Whether you're starting from zero or looking to enhance your existing presence, our Social Media Study Club is your go-to resource.
    Here, we blend the art of dentistry with the science ...

  • Mastering Dental Photography with Your Smartphone

    1 season

    Join Tony Arcuri, a renowned dentist, photographer, and professor, in this groundbreaking course on dental photography. In this video, Tony introduces himself and his passion for dental photography. He discusses his extensive experience and highlights the release of his first book on dental photo...

  • Successful as a Woman in Dentistry

    1 season

    The future of dentistry is female. But how difficult is it to set up a dental clinic as a woman and lead it to success? How to combine your own company with family? Are women underestimated in dentistry?
    Do female dentists have to convince more than male dentists?
    How high is the pressure to pe...

  • Video School

    1 season

    We will teach you the basics of video creation and marketing, including:

    -What makes a good video
    -How to create a script
    -How to create a storyboard
    -How to shoot your own video
    -How to edit your video
    -How to publish your video on social media

  • Dental Pixels - Shoot with your Eyes

    1 season

    Let's dive into the basics of (dental) photography with our colleague Dr Basma Sherif from Egypt

  • Mund auf Podcast

    1 season

    Eure Jungs von Mund auf!
    Hi und herzlich Willkommen bei „Mund auf!“- unserem Podcast.
    Wir sind Eric und Matze, zwei junge Zahnärzte, die ihre ersten Berufsjahre hinter sich gebracht haben. Dabei sind wir nicht nur auf die ein oder andere Schwierigkeit gestoßen – sondern haben sie auch gemeistert....

  • Blackdent The Money Saver

    1 season

    So einfach war der Einkauf in Ihrer Zahnarztpraxis noch nie.

  • Dentaverse

    1 season

    In this series of short videos, we will explore the basics of the Metaverse, debunk common myths and misconceptions surrounding it, and showcase how web3 and AI can benefit the dental industry. We will also explore the concept of virtual clinics and how they can improve the patient experience.

  • Dental Photography Tutorials with Anas

    1 season

    Dental photography is a very important part of dentistry. It helps us document our work, it helps us get patients on board with their treatment plans, and it lets the world know what we do. But there are many ways to do this, and sometimes we don't know which way is best for us.

    So I'm going to...

  • Dental Photography at Work

    0 seasons

    Why do you do that, and what is it important for?
    What do you want to achieve with the pictures?
    Which intention do I pursue with the pictures?
    How much time do you want to invest?
    Is a mobile phone camera enough in the end?
    Product photography and patient photography with the same equipment?

  • IDS 2023
    1 season

    IDS 2023

    1 season

    Get ready to sink your teeth into the action as DentalTV takes center stage at IDS - the biggest dental show of the year! With exclusive interviews from industry experts, exciting giveaways, and surprises galore, this is one event you won't want to miss. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to th...