Literature Club

Literature Club

Join 'Literature Club' on DentalTV for a deep dive into dental literature and research. Tailored for dental professionals, this series is your gateway to mastering literature search, critical study interpretation, and applying evidence-based practices. Led by dental experts, each episode unpacks research strategies, offers practical examples, and provides tips for enhancing your clinical practice. Whether you're advancing your career or refining your skills, 'Literature Club' is your source for accessible, impactful learning in dentistry.

Literature Club
  • Why Dentists Don't Read More Scientific Literature: Unveiling the Truth

    In this video, we delve into the intriguing topic of why dentists may not be engaging as much with scientific literature as expected. Backed by solid facts and real-world observations, we explore the possible reasons behind this phenomenon. Join us as we uncover the factors influencing dentists' ...

  • Let's meet David Alleman

    Welcome to DentalTV! I'm David Alleman, a dentist with 44 years of experience. My journey was transformed in 1995 when I discovered adhesive dentistry. Partnering with Alessandro Devigus, a pioneer in CAD CAM and CEREC restorations, we aim to share the latest in conservative adhesive dentistry.


  • The Importance of Evidence-Based Principles in Clinical Dentistry

    You see, evidence-based principles are the backbone of clinical dentistry.
    They are the framework that guides decision-making and ensures the most effective and optimal treatments.

  • Mastering Dental Literature - an Introduction

    00:00:00 Introduction to Browsing Scientific Literature in Dentistry
    00:00:09 Starting with Databases and Search Engines
    00:00:20 Hone Your Search Strategies
    00:00:36 Evaluating the Quality of Research
    00:01:00 Staying Current and Practical Tips
    00:01:17 Summary and Conclusion

  • Mastering Research: Top Bibliography Tools Explored

    Mastering Research: Top Bibliography Tools Explored by DentalTV

    00:00:00 "Unlocking the Power of Bibliography Tools"
    00:00:35 Features and Benefits"
    00:02:35 "Choosing the Right Tool for You"

    Please note that this listing does not cover all available services on the web. It provides ba...

  • Navigating Academic Search Engines and Networking Sites

    Academic search engines and networking sites like Google Scholar, ResearchGate,, Publons, and Scopus are designed to enhance the visibility, accessibility, and collaboration of scholarly research. These platforms serve various purposes ranging from literature discovery and citation t...

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