Dental Talks

Dental Talks

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Dental Talks
  • Michael Apa Interview 2021

    Let's meet Dr. Michael Apa. This interview back from 2021 is still worth to be watched.
    Now the 4th location in Miami will open soon.

    - Introduction to the interview and the guest, Michael Apa

    - Michael Apa's background and passion for cosmetic dentistry

    - Transit...

  • Peter Hurley #SHABANG!

    Portrait photography is getting more important in Dentistry. That's why Peter Hurley a headshot and portrait photographer based in New York City is the perfect guest to talk about #SHABANG and more.

  • Podcast Popularity Soaring: Here's Why!

    In this video, we explore the podcasting trend, highlighting its growing popularity and the reasons behind it, such as audio convenience and diverse topics. We discuss the pros and cons of starting a podcast, including audience reach and market saturation challenges. The video concludes with prac...

  • Mund auf Podcast

    1 season

    Eure Jungs von Mund auf!
    Hi und herzlich Willkommen bei „Mund auf!“- unserem Podcast.
    Wir sind Eric und Matze, zwei junge Zahnärzte, die ihre ersten Berufsjahre hinter sich gebracht haben. Dabei sind wir nicht nur auf die ein oder andere Schwierigkeit gestoßen – sondern haben sie auch gemeistert....

  • IDS 2023
    1 season

    IDS 2023

    1 season

    Get ready to sink your teeth into the action as DentalTV takes center stage at IDS - the biggest dental show of the year! With exclusive interviews from industry experts, exciting giveaways, and surprises galore, this is one event you won't want to miss. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to th...

  • Blackdent The Money Saver

    1 season

    So einfach war der Einkauf in Ihrer Zahnarztpraxis noch nie.

  • The Evolution in Dental Photography: From DSLR to Mirrorless

    While DSLRs have long been the standard in capturing high-quality dental images, the advent of mirrorless cameras offers a smaller, lightweight design and enhanced shooting capabilities. The episode touches on the benefits and challenges of both systems, with emphasis on how mirrorless technology...

  • The Crop Factor in Macro Photography & Why It Matters

    The crop factor, a result of comparing a camera's sensor size to the standard full-frame 35mm format, offers an extended working distance and improved lighting control, making APS-C sensors and full-frame cameras in DX mode ideal for intraoral photography. The episode also teases the multifunctio...

  • The Dual Life of the 100mm Macro Lens

    When most dental professionals think of the 100mm macro lens, it’s often in the context of capturing the fine details of teeth or intricate dental procedures.
    But it's more than that.

  • Standardized Dental Photography - The X-Ray for the External

    Let's continue with episode 4 which talks about the importance of standardized dental photography that can be compared with taking x-rays from our patients to look inside and our photos and videos that show the outside with all the details. Never forget that without standards you are not able to ...

  • Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

    In this enlightening episode, we delved into the transformative tale of Anna, a patient who overcame her deep-seated dental anxieties thanks to a compassionate, storytelling approach adopted by her dentist. Anna's journey, segmented into five distinct chapters, took her from a place of fear to on...

  • Prioritizing Personal Well-being - Discover 'How to be a Better YOU'

    Welcome back, dear listeners, to another episode of DentalTV. Today, we're stepping slightly away from technicalities and dentistry nuances to focus on something equally essential - our personal well-being. We believe that to offer the best care, dental professionals should prioritize their own h...

  • Introducing DentalTV - The Ultimate Hub for Dental Professionals

    You know, in this fast-paced world, juggling between patients, team management, marketing, and even our personal lives can be, well, a bit too much. And amidst all this hustle, finding time for professional development? It seems nearly impossible! Listen to this Podcast and learn why you should j...

  • Dental TV Podcast Episode #8 Coaching

    In DentalTV's eighth episode, the importance of real-world guidance through coaching and mentoring is discussed, highlighting their role in complementing formal dental education. DentalTV is presented as a crucial resource, filling educational gaps in areas like patient communication, dental phot...