Dental Talks

Dental Talks

Dental Talks" is a dynamic series tailored for the dental community, blending educational insights, industry updates, and inspiring interviews into an engaging listening experience. Designed for anyone interested in dentistry, from professionals to enthusiasts, it covers a wide range of topics including innovative treatments, professional development, and the latest dental research. Perfect for on-the-go listening, "Dental Talks" serves as both a learning tool and an entertaining companion, enriching your professional journey and personal interest in oral health wherever you are.

Dental Talks
  • Podcast Popularity Soaring: Here's Why!

    In this video, we explore the podcasting trend, highlighting its growing popularity and the reasons behind it, such as audio convenience and diverse topics. We discuss the pros and cons of starting a podcast, including audience reach and market saturation challenges. The video concludes with prac...

  • Let's talk BOPT

    Tooth preparations for fixed prosthetic restorations can be done in different ways, basically of two kinds: preparation with a defined margin and the so-called vertical preparation or feather edge. The latter was originally used for prosthetics on teeth treated with resective surgery for periodon...

  • Unveiling the Future of Dentistry: Insights from Pascal Magne

    In a comprehensive and insightful conversation, Pascal Magne, a renowned figure in the field of dentistry, shares his journey and perspectives on various aspects of dental practice and education. Magne highlights his transition from a university setting to founding an independent center focused o...

  • Let's meet Doc Helka

    Dr. Stefan Helka hat die Zahnmedizin durch effektive Nutzung sozialer Medien und gezielte Kommunikation revolutioniert. Er verwandelte seine traditionelle Praxis durch Online-Präsenz in eine wachsende Einrichtung, die Patienten und Mitarbeiter gleichermaßen anzieht. Helka betont die Bedeutung von...

  • Michael Apa Interview 2021

    Let's meet Dr. Michael Apa. This interview back from 2021 is still worth to be watched.
    Now the 4th location in Miami will open soon.

    - Introduction to the interview and the guest, Michael Apa

    - Michael Apa's background and passion for cosmetic dentistry

    - Transit...

  • Urs Brodbeck on Galvosurge

    The GalvoSurge Dental Implant Cleaning System is an innovative electrolytic treatment that can be used in the upper or lower jaw to remove biofilm from already implanted, osseo-integrated, electrically conductive dental implants.

  • Peter Hurley #SHABANG!

    Portrait photography is getting more important in Dentistry. That's why Peter Hurley a headshot and portrait photographer based in New York City is the perfect guest to talk about #SHABANG and more.

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  • Mund auf Podcast

    1 season

    Eure Jungs von Mund auf!
    Hi und herzlich Willkommen bei „Mund auf!“- unserem Podcast.
    Wir sind Eric und Matze, zwei junge Zahnärzte, die ihre ersten Berufsjahre hinter sich gebracht haben. Dabei sind wir nicht nur auf die ein oder andere Schwierigkeit gestoßen – sondern haben sie auch gemeistert....

  • IDS 2023
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    IDS 2023

    1 season

    Get ready to sink your teeth into the action as DentalTV takes center stage at IDS - the biggest dental show of the year! With exclusive interviews from industry experts, exciting giveaways, and surprises galore, this is one event you won't want to miss. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to th...

  • Blackdent The Money Saver

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    So einfach war der Einkauf in Ihrer Zahnarztpraxis noch nie.