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Let's meet David Alleman

Literature Club • 6m 46s

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  • The Importance of Evidence-Based Prin...

    You see, evidence-based principles are the backbone of clinical dentistry.
    They are the framework that guides decision-making and ensures the most effective and optimal treatments.

  • Mastering Dental Literature - an Intr...

    00:00:00 Introduction to Browsing Scientific Literature in Dentistry
    00:00:09 Starting with Databases and Search Engines
    00:00:20 Hone Your Search Strategies
    00:00:36 Evaluating the Quality of Research
    00:01:00 Staying Current and Practical Tips
    00:01:17 Summary and Conclusion

  • Mastering Research: Top Bibliography ...

    Mastering Research: Top Bibliography Tools Explored by DentalTV

    00:00:00 "Unlocking the Power of Bibliography Tools"
    00:00:35 Features and Benefits"
    00:02:35 "Choosing the Right Tool for You"

    Please note that this listing does not cover all available services on the web. It provides ba...