Dental Photography Tutorials with Anas

Dental Photography Tutorials with Anas

3 Episodes

Dental photography is a very important part of dentistry. It helps us document our work, it helps us get patients on board with their treatment plans, and it lets the world know what we do. But there are many ways to do this, and sometimes we don't know which way is best for us.

So I'm going to give you some tips that will help you start your journey as a dental photographer!

Dental Photography Tutorials with Anas
  • Cross polarized photography update

    Episode 3

    Now all you can do is remove your INTRA diffusers and clip the filters on and take your shot. No disruptions to your workflow. No hassle. easy, predictable, repeatable, and convenient.

  • Cross-polarized Photography

    Episode 2

    The INTRA DIFFUSER kit allows you to place and exchange with the POLAR FRAME with a simple click. Polarized photos are a great way to communicate shade matching and proper analysis with the lab technician for value control and translucency. Enjoy!
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  • Using the INTRA diffuser kit

    Episode 1

    In this set up, I use two kits of INTRA diffusers attached to the Godox MF-12 flashes. I use Nikon D7200 with a macro 105mm lens. Trust me! You don't need softboxes or any other means for creating stunning photos. The best thing about this diffuser is that you get REAL-FEEL photos that don't look...