Successful as a Woman in Dentistry

Successful as a Woman in Dentistry

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The future of dentistry is female. But how difficult is it to set up a dental clinic as a woman and lead it to success? How to combine your own company with family? Are women underestimated in dentistry? Do female dentists have to convince more than male dentists? How high is the pressure to perform and what does a woman do to compensate?

Dr. Nina van Sprundel is an ambitious entrepreneur and an enthusiastic dentist. As the owner of the Clinic for Reconstructive & Esthetic Dentistry in Zug, Switzerland, she realized her vision of her own clinic at a very young age with 27, and set up a dental clinic from the scratch. She knows the pitfalls and hurdles that women have to overcome and knows very well how to brand herself. Perfectionism, tireless ambition and strongly being focused are her keys to success.
The dental industry and dentists value Dr. van Sprundel as a consultant and speaker for marketing and business development.

„A vision without effort is a dream - and effort without vision is wasted time.“

Successful as a Woman in Dentistry
  • Successful as a Woman in Dentistry - What you need to know

    Episode 2

    Although these factors apply to all dental professionals, women in dentistry may face some unique challenges and opportunities. Here's what you need to know to be successful as a woman in dentistry. Remember, success in dentistry, as in many professions, is a journey rather than a destination. Co...