Mastering Dental Photography with Your Smartphone

Mastering Dental Photography with Your Smartphone

10 Episodes

Join Tony Arcuri, a renowned dentist, photographer, and professor, in this groundbreaking course on dental photography. In this video, Tony introduces himself and his passion for dental photography. He discusses his extensive experience and highlights the release of his first book on dental photography, followed by the launch of the first book in Brazil on dental photography with smartphones. Discover how to take high-quality dental photographs without the need for professional photography skills. Whether you're a dental professional or looking to enhance your photography skills, this course is designed to elevate your career and capture stunning dental images.

Mastering Dental Photography with Your Smartphone
  • The importance of Dental photography

    Episode 1

    Learn why dental photography is crucial for dentists in this informative video. Discover how it aids in self-assessment, legal documentation, communication, and marketing. Gain insights from an experienced dentist and understand the impact of digital smile planning and social media on dental phot...

  • Understanding Aperture

    Episode 2

    Let's start with the fundamentals of photography first.
    What is the exposure triangle and it's parts?
    First Aperture and why it's important (not only) in dental Photography.

  • Understanding Shutter Speed

    Episode 3

    Join this photography course and learn about the second cornerstone of photography: shutter speed. Discover how shutter speed relates to the exposure time of the sensor and the movement of the subject. Explore practical examples that demonstrate the impact of different shutter speeds on capturing...

  • Understanding ISO

    Episode 4

    Learn the importance of ISO in dental photography with a smartphone in this informative video. Discover how ISO affects the sensitivity of the sensor, and why it's crucial to work with the lowest ISO possible for sharper and less grainy images. Explore the limitations of smartphone sensors compar...

  • Smartphone Camera Apps

    Episode 5

    Smartphone cameras have evolved into sophisticated tools, rivaling traditional cameras in quality and versatility. The real magic, however, lies in camera apps, which unlock the full potential of your smartphone's camera, transforming it into a powerhouse of creativity and efficiency.

  • The Small Little Helpers

    Episode 6

    You need additional tools like retractors, mirrors and special lenses to enhance your smartphone photography. Let me share some of my favorite helpers in this video.

  • Lighting Options - Ring Lights

    Episode 7

    Ring lights are a popular lighting option for smartphone photography, offering a unique combination of benefits that can enhance the quality of your photos. Let's Dive in.

  • Dedicated Illuminators

    Episode 8

    Learn about dedicated illuminators in dental photography lighting systems in this informative video. The video discusses the importance of color rendering index (CRI) and color temperature in achieving accurate color reproduction. It highlights the MDB smile light as the gold standard illuminator...

  • Soft Light vs Hard Light

    Episode 9

    Learn about the different lighting systems used in dental photography with a smartphone. Understand the effects of soft light and hard light on your dental photos and how light modifiers can help achieve the desired lighting. Discover the benefits of using a softbox as a light modifier and how it...

  • Get the Best out of your images

    Episode 10

    How to edit your images and share them on social media and more.