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Mastering Dental Photography with Your Smartphone

The importance of Dental photography


Up Next in Season 1

  • Understanding Aperture

    Let's start with the fundamentals of photography first.
    What is the exposure triangle and it's parts?
    First Aperture and why it's important (not only) in dental Photography.

  • Understanding Shutter Speed

    Join this photography course and learn about the second cornerstone of photography: shutter speed. Discover how shutter speed relates to the exposure time of the sensor and the movement of the subject. Explore practical examples that demonstrate the impact of different shutter speeds on capturing...

  • Understanding ISO

    Learn the importance of ISO in dental photography with a smartphone in this informative video. Discover how ISO affects the sensitivity of the sensor, and why it's crucial to work with the lowest ISO possible for sharper and less grainy images. Explore the limitations of smartphone sensors compar...