Christina Radics Coaching

Christina Radics Coaching

Dr. Christina Radics
Dentist, Former Dental Clinic Owner, Certified Coach for Dental Professionals,Keynote Speaker, DJ
Allow me to introduce myself, a dentist from Sweden, now residing in the enchanting land of Spain.
With my dental journey commencing in 2000, I have traversed a path filled with both accomplishments and tribulations.
As the owner of a thriving dental clinic, my foremost aim has always been to ensure the satisfaction of my esteemed patients. In the process, however, I discovered that amidst the daily grind, we often overlook our own well-being, leading to an unfortunate consequence - not one but two burnouts that profoundly impacted me.
This awakening led me to embark on a personal mission to assist dentists worldwide, starting with my own transformation.
I teach and coach about work life balance; dentist well-being, burnout prevention , stress management, creativity, career change, clinic growth and how to get new patients and referrals.

Author of book:
…but please don’t tell anyone.
- A personal story about stigma in dentistry.

Christina Radics Coaching
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