Social Media Study Club

Social Media Study Club

37 Episodes

Are you a dental professional or enthusiast looking to carve your niche in the bustling world of social media? Whether you're starting from zero or looking to enhance your existing presence, our Social Media Study Club is your go-to resource.
Here, we blend the art of dentistry with the science of social media marketing, creating a unique space for learning, growth, and community engagement.

Social Media Study Club
  • Social Media Studyclub

    Struggling with your dental social media presence? You're not alone! Join the Social Media Study Club on DentalTV. Exclusive to DentalTV members, this club offers expert insights, special events, private coaching, and all the tools you need to elevate your social media game. Subscribe now and tra...

  • Dental Social Media Marketing

    Episode 2

    No technical jargon or intimidating analytics data, just free social media post ideas. Social media is a great way to show your active presence and educate patients while increasing the likelihood of new patients. Benefit your practice with social media management.

  • The Dental Influencer

    1.72 MB

    The Power of Social Media in the Dental Community:
    In conclusion, social media has revolutionized the way dentists connect with their patients and build their brands. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer dentists a range of tools and features to showcase their expertise, educate their audi...

  • Episode 1 Intro

    Episode 1

  • TikTok's Strategic Pivot: Can it Rival YouTube?

    This video discusses TikTok's transition from short-form to longer content, exploring the factors driving this shift and its implications for the social media landscape. It examines the importance of monetization opportunities and user engagement, as well as the potential for content diversity an...

  • Build A Social Media Presence - Episode 1

    Episode 2

    In the first episode we discuss the following points:
    - photo or video, what is better for social media
    - 12 tips for better video content
    - social media strategy to start with

  • Why social media is important as a dentist

    Episode 3

    In today’s video, Joseph talks about how important social media is and why it plays a big role in the dental industry. He also tells you how you can get new patients through social media.

  • What content you should post as a dentist to gain more patients?

    Episode 4

    Which content should you be create to build online authority and awareness for your practice
    How to to take your patients from your content to your practice

  • Why you should build a community online for your practice?

    Episode 4

    In today’s video Joseph is walking you through the online community culture and why you should focus on building an engaged online community of patients supporter and collaborators.

  • How can you convert your followers into patients?

    Episode 5

    Having a great online community is great but howcan you get them to become patients in your clinic? In today’s video Joseph is covering the converting strategy to ultimately convert followers into lead and patients fo ryour clinic.

  • Reels Ninja Episode 2

    Faceless Reels: Underrated & Easiest Way to Start
    What is faceless reels?
    Faceless reels that work for dentist, professionals & service

  • Reels Ninja Episode 1

    What is reel?
    How is reel changing social media content, ads and websites?
    Myths & Mistakes

  • Mastering Instagram Bios

    Episode 10

    Ever found yourself stuck in the labyrinth of words, trying to write an Instagram bio that captures your essence? Today we'll walk you through the process of crafting that perfect bio in simple, manageable steps.

  • Reel Ninja Trailer

    What is reel?
    How is reel changing social media content, ads and websites?
    Myths & Mistakes
    Tips&Tricks and much more

  • Making a Lasting First Impression

    Episode 6

    It's often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a video?
    Is it worth a million, or perhaps even more? Consider this scenario: a dental practice with a simple, text-based online presence versus another that uses vibrant photos and engaging videos. Which one would you be mo...

  • Reel Ninja Episode 12

    Biggest myths and rumours almost everyone believes: guru, trends, etc.
    How to avoid these mistakes
    Checklists for your reels