Canon Photo & Video School

Canon Photo & Video School

6 Episodes

All you need to know to Master your Canon equipment

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Canon Photo & Video School
  • Entry Level to High-End Dental Photography Equipment: Canon

    Discover the essential equipment for dental photography, whether you're a beginner or a professional. In this video, the creator discusses the importance of a macro lens and recommends the Canon RF 100 macro lens for mirrorless cameras. They also highlight the Godox MF ring flash as a superior op...

  • Canon R10 Tutorial

    Episode 6

    This tutorial works also for other Canon mirrorless cameras!!
    If you need a personalized version, feel free to contact me
    via email [email protected]
    Happy Shooting

  • Setup your Canon Camera

    You don't want to waste time playing around with settings and then end up with a bunch of blurry photos or bad lighting.
    To make things easier, we've put together a brief overview of some of our favorite camera models and setups for dental photography.

  • Camera Custom Settings

    How to setup Custom shooting modes on your Nikon, Sony and Canon camera��

    and WHY you should use this option �

    Efficiency: By creating custom settings, you can streamline your workflow and quickly switch between different shooting modes without having to spend time adjusting settings manually e...

  • TTL or Manual Flash

    Understanding Manual vs TTL in Dental Photography: A Comprehensive Guide

    - Comparison of manual and TTL flash modes in dental photography.
    - Demonstrations using the Godox MFR 76 in both manual and TTL modes.
    - Brand-specific TTL features for Nikon, Canon, and Sony.
    - Introduction to advanced de...