Dental Photography School

Dental Photography School

6 Seasons

I put together this course to help beginners and more advanced photographers learn more about dental photography. I cover some of the common problems that dental photographers face and how to solve them. New seasons will be added on a regular basis or following your feedback and requests.

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Dental Photography School
  • Master Dental Photography - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

    Episode 1

    Ever wondered how to capture those perfect dental images that make a difference in your practice? Well, it's an art that's easier to master than you might think. This video will guide you through the process of dental photography, breaking it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

  • Let's talk Diffusers

    In this video we talk about the hot topic of diffusers for dental photography. We recommend the Godox MF12 DK1 kit, which includes compact adapters and diffusers, as a clear winner in terms of price and performance. I'm not advertising but rather sharing my opinion on the best way to level up den...

  • The NEW Best Dental Photography Flashes for Sony Canon Nikon

    Episode 23

    Watch what the Two Dentists have to say about the new Godox flashes for dental Photography.

  • Godox Dental Diffuser Hack

    Episode 20

    Modify your Godox Dental diffusors to make them mount easily on your MF12 flashes even when they are on the ring or on a flash bracket. Watch the video and watch the magic happen.

  • The black background magic

    Ever wondered how to create a stunning shot with an isolated object on a pitch-black background? It’s all about the right technique and a little optical wizardry. Today, we’re spilling the secrets.

    1 - Start by getting your object, a mirror, and a camera ready. Any object will do; it’s the techn...

  • Shofu Eye Special CV

    Let's have a quick look at the The EyeSpecial digital dental camera, designed exclusively for dentistry, ideal for dental/orthodontic photography, case presentations, and at the bench in the laboratory. The stylish and smart EyeSpecial offers 12 megapixels, intuitive one-touch operations, ultra-l...

  • Cross Polarized Explained

    Episode 15

    By reducing or eliminating specular reflections, cross-polarizing filters help correct the overestimation of white opacities with flash photography. Cross-polarizing filters also help when discriminating between color differences in shade guides. Watch the video for a short explanation.

  • JAKOBI Dental Mirror

    Episode 10

    For more information on this product visit the website:


    There are treatment modalities within dentistry for which portraits are essential records.
    The face of a patient with all its expressive possibilities provides valuable information for the planning, execution and final evaluation of dental treatment. Portrait photography is designed to capture th...

  • Zooming with Prime Lens: A Revelation

    Episode 25

    In this video, we delve into the intriguing world of zooming with a prime lens, showcasing a unique approach that every photography enthusiast should know. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this tutorial is packed with valuable insights to enhance your photography skills. Join us as we...

  • TTL or Manual Flash

    Episode 12

    Understanding Manual vs TTL in Dental Photography: A Comprehensive Guide

    - Comparison of manual and TTL flash modes in dental photography.
    - Demonstrations using the Godox MFR 76 in both manual and TTL modes.
    - Brand-specific TTL features for Nikon, Canon, and Sony.
    - Introduction to advanced de...

  • What is Global Shutter (And How Does It Work)

    Episode 10

    Matt from B&H explains how global shutter works and how it differs from rolling shutter.

  • Dental Office Camera: A Clean Shot

    Episode 12

    The Significance of Maintaining Pristine Camera Equipment in a Dental Office. Firstly, cleanliness is paramount. A clean camera is a happy camera, and the same goes for any piece of equipment. In a dental office, hygiene is critical, and that extends to your photography equipment too.

  • Camera Custom Settings

    How to setup Custom shooting modes on your Nikon, Sony and Canon camera��

    and WHY you should use this option �

    Efficiency: By creating custom settings, you can streamline your workflow and quickly switch between different shooting modes without having to spend time adjusting settings manually e...

  • Lens Distortion Demystified

    Episode 2

    Have you ever wondered what causes distortions in your photographs? Distortions in photography are typically categorized into two main types: perspective distortion and optical distortion. Let's start explaining.

  • Battle of Dental Photo Diffusers

    They help to create appealing images of the teeth and gums especially for marketing and social media.

    Diffusers are translucent materials that are placed between the light source and the subject to soften and diffuse the light, creating a more even illumination. This can help to reduce glare and...

  • Better use a flash bracket

    To get the most our of your lateral flash system you should mount the flashes on a so called "bracket", that allows easy positioning of the light source to adapt to different photographic situations.

  • Intra diffuser instructional video

  • polar.frame on Olympus STF-8

  • intra.polar for Godox MF12Nikon R1(C1)Meike MK-MT24

  • polar.frame set-up

  • Intra diffuser object photography package


    To offer a more comprehensive and professional dental photography solution to dentists, Godox has teamed up with Sony in Europe. With joint efforts, we are thrilled to present the MF-R76S+, the dedicated dental ring flash designed for Sony cameras, ensuring optimal lighting for dental photography...