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Why Dental Patient Journey Matters

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Mastering Dental Photography with Your Smartphone

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  • Why Dental Patient Journey Matters

    Explore the 'Patient Journey' in Dentistry: Our video delves into why understanding the full patient journey - from initial contact to follow-up care - is crucial in dental practice. We illustrate how focusing on each step of this journey, rather than just individual appointments, can significant...

  • GODOX Dental Photography Insight Live:

    Connect with our ambassador Dr. Alessandro Devigus, professional dental educator, as he dives into the practical applications and inspiration behind using the MF12-DK1 in real dental scenarios.

  • TTL or Manual Flash

    Understanding Manual vs TTL in Dental Photography: A Comprehensive Guide

    - Comparison of manual and TTL flash modes in dental photography.
    - Demonstrations using the Godox MFR 76 in both manual and TTL modes.
    - Brand-specific TTL features for Nikon, Canon, and Sony.
    - Introduction to advanced de...