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  • Mastering Research: Top Bibliography Tools Explored

    Mastering Research: Top Bibliography Tools Explored by DentalTV

    00:00:00 "Unlocking the Power of Bibliography Tools"
    00:00:35 Features and Benefits"
    00:02:35 "Choosing the Right Tool for You"

  • Social Media Best Of

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    This series showcases the finest in dental photography, videography, and marketing.
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  • Photo or Video?

    Clinical documentation is critical in dental practices. Its influence reaches beyond diagnosis and treatment planning to patient education and evidence-based research. Historically, this documentation has relied mainly on photographic recordings. However, in the present era of rapid technical bre...

  • Chair Workouts Fitness at Your Fingertips

    In this video, we explore how a simple chair can be transformed into your ultimate fitness tool for a full-body workout. Join us as we demonstrate a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups while also providing safety tips to ensure a productive workout session.

    From chair squat...

  • Dental Practice Business Planning and Management

    A well-thought-out business plan isn't just paperwork; it's your roadmap to success. Let's break it down.

  • Let's talk BOPT

    Tooth preparations for fixed prosthetic restorations can be done in different ways, basically of two kinds: preparation with a defined margin and the so-called vertical preparation or feather edge. The latter was originally used for prosthetics on teeth treated with resective surgery for periodon...

  • Let's meet Doc Helka

    Dr. Stefan Helka hat die Zahnmedizin durch effektive Nutzung sozialer Medien und gezielte Kommunikation revolutioniert. Er verwandelte seine traditionelle Praxis durch Online-Präsenz in eine wachsende Einrichtung, die Patienten und Mitarbeiter gleichermaßen anzieht. Helka betont die Bedeutung von...

  • Unveiling the Future of Dentistry: Insights from Pascal Magne

    In a comprehensive and insightful conversation, Pascal Magne, a renowned figure in the field of dentistry, shares his journey and perspectives on various aspects of dental practice and education. Magne highlights his transition from a university setting to founding an independent center focused o...

  • Welcome to Light in Dentistry

    Join me on this journey into light and what impact it has on our work.

  • Light in Dentistry

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    "It's All About Light in Dentistry," provides an immersive journey into the role and evolution of light in the various aspects of dental practice. Beginning with an introduction to the topic switching to focus on the emergence of mirrorless cameras and the ubiquitous presence of social media, we ...

  • Cross Polarized Explained

    By reducing or eliminating specular reflections, cross-polarizing filters help correct the overestimation of white opacities with flash photography. Cross-polarizing filters also help when discriminating between color differences in shade guides. Watch the video for a short explanation.

  • Guide to Handling Anxious Patients

    Dental anxiety is a widespread issue, affecting countless individuals across all age groups." It's a normal fear, shared by many. This anxiety can be attributed to various factors - a traumatic experience in the past, fear of pain, or even the feeling of losing control during the dental procedure...

  • Mastering Dental Photography with Your Smartphone

    Join Tony Arcuri, a renowned dentist, photographer, and professor, in this groundbreaking course on dental photography. In this video, Tony introduces himself and his passion for dental photography. He discusses his extensive experience and highlights the release of his first book on dental photo...

  • Dental Practice 101 Beyond the Clinic

    1 season

    Opening a dental practice is a significant step that involves much more than just the clinical skills taught in dental school. While dental school focuses on the technical and clinical aspects of dentistry, running a dental office requires a broad set of skills and knowledge in areas such as busi...

  • Michael Apa Interview 2021

    Let's meet Dr. Michael Apa. This interview back from 2021 is still worth to be watched.
    Now the 4th location in Miami will open soon.

    - Introduction to the interview and the guest, Michael Apa

    - Michael Apa's background and passion for cosmetic dentistry

    - Transit...

  • Are dentists being fooled by the dental industry_

    Soft Bites" podcast merges enjoyment with purpose in dentistry, discussing the integration of awareness, health, and creativity into the field. Hosts Manuela and Jorge Andre converse with dental influencer Alessandro, who recounts his transition from early digital dentistry adoption in 1985 with ...

  • 10 Steps to Improve Time Management

    In this video, we explore ten crucial steps, from setting clear goals to learning the art of saying no. By adopting these practices, you'll transform your time management, achieving more while maintaining balance. Thank you for joining us on this journey to enhanced productivity and personal fulf...

  • Peter Hurley #SHABANG!

    Portrait photography is getting more important in Dentistry. That's why Peter Hurley a headshot and portrait photographer based in New York City is the perfect guest to talk about #SHABANG and more.

  • Master Dental Photography - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

    Ever wondered how to capture those perfect dental images that make a difference in your practice? Well, it's an art that's easier to master than you might think. This video will guide you through the process of dental photography, breaking it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

  • Social Media Studyclub

    Struggling with your dental social media presence? You're not alone! Join the Social Media Study Club on DentalTV. Exclusive to DentalTV members, this club offers expert insights, special events, private coaching, and all the tools you need to elevate your social media game. Subscribe now and tra...

  • Video School

    1 season

    We will teach you the basics of video creation and marketing, including:

    -What makes a good video
    -How to create a script
    -How to create a storyboard
    -How to shoot your own video
    -How to edit your video
    -How to publish your video on social media

  • Successful as a Woman in Dentistry - What you need to know

    Although these factors apply to all dental professionals, women in dentistry may face some unique challenges and opportunities. Here's what you need to know to be successful as a woman in dentistry. Remember, success in dentistry, as in many professions, is a journey rather than a destination. Co...

  • Top Tips for Young Dentists

    Remember, dentistry is a lifelong learning journey. Continuously seek opportunities to grow, adapt to changes, and provide the best possible care to your patients.

  • Building Mental Resilience A Dentist's Guide

    Consistent work and introspection are necessary steps on the path to mental resilience. Although it is inevitable for dentists to deal with patients' critical comments, the emotional terrain of the profession need not be defined by this reality. Dentists can build a more happy and mentally resili...