Dental Coaching & Management

Dental Coaching & Management

Topics such as financial management, marketing, insurance billing, appointment scheduling, staff management, and patient communication are important aspects of the business side of dentistry. And on top of this, you also need to take care of yourself. For all this you need individual coaching to find your way around and solve your problems in an efficient way.

Dental Coaching & Management
  • Christina Radics Coaching

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    Dr. Christina Radics
    Dentist, Former Dental Clinic Owner, Certified Coach for Dental Professionals,Keynote Speaker, DJ
    Allow me to introduce myself, a dentist from Sweden, now residing in the enchanting land of Spain.
    With my dental journey commencing in 2000, I have traversed a path filled wit...

  • Dental Practice 101 Beyond the Clinic

    1 season

    Opening a dental practice is a significant step that involves much more than just the clinical skills taught in dental school. While dental school focuses on the technical and clinical aspects of dentistry, running a dental office requires a broad set of skills and knowledge in areas such as busi...

  • Successful as a Woman in Dentistry

    1 season

    The future of dentistry is female. But how difficult is it to set up a dental clinic as a woman and lead it to success? How to combine your own company with family? Are women underestimated in dentistry?
    Do female dentists have to convince more than male dentists?
    How high is the pressure to pe...

  • Guide to Handling Anxious Patients

    Dental anxiety is a widespread issue, affecting countless individuals across all age groups." It's a normal fear, shared by many. This anxiety can be attributed to various factors - a traumatic experience in the past, fear of pain, or even the feeling of losing control during the dental procedure...

  • Mastering Dental Office Dynamics

    To tackle problems in a dental office team, emphasize open communication, define roles clearly, manage conflicts effectively, and maintain regular training. Utilize efficient scheduling, stress management techniques, and technology for smoother operations. Strong leadership, team empowerment, and...

  • Why Dental Patient Journey Matters

    Explore the 'Patient Journey' in Dentistry: Our video delves into why understanding the full patient journey - from initial contact to follow-up care - is crucial in dental practice. We illustrate how focusing on each step of this journey, rather than just individual appointments, can significant...

  • Continuing Education and Professional Development

    Continuing education is essential for keeping up with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in dentistry. Let's explore how you can integrate this into your career.

  • Stress Management and Work-Life Balance

    The life of a dentist can be incredibly rewarding, yet stressful. Today, we'll explore practical strategies to manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Managing Dental Office Finances

    From budgeting to expense tracking, and understanding cash flow, we'll cover essential financial skills that every dentist-owner should know.

  • Designing Dental Spaces: A Guide to Office Design and Ergonomics

    A well-thought-out office design can enhance workflow, improve patient experiences, and even contribute to better health and well-being for your team. Let's see how.

  • Technology and Equipment: The Future is bright

    From digital X-rays to CAD/CAM systems, the right technology can enhance patient care, improve efficiency, and set your practice apart. Let's explore how.

  • Mastering Patient Relationship Management

    In this episode, we're exploring Patient Relationship Management – a key factor in the success and growth of your practice.

  • Mastering Dental Marketing: Patient Acquisition Unlocked

    Effective marketing is key to attracting and retaining patients. It's not just about advertising; it's about building relationships and a strong brand presence.

  • Mastering HR Management for Your Dental Practice

    Effective HR management goes beyond just hiring staff. It's about building a team, nurturing their growth, and ensuring a positive and compliant workplace.

  • Mastering Insurance & Reimbursement- A Guide for Dental Practices

    Insurance and Reimbursement. It's complex, but mastering it can significantly impact your success. Let's get started!

  • Legal Eagles: Navigating Legalities in Dental Practice

    We'll cover the key legal aspects you need to know to protect your practice.

  • Mastering Financial Knowledge

  • Dental Practice Business Planning and Management

    A well-thought-out business plan isn't just paperwork; it's your roadmap to success. Let's break it down.

  • Kitview Testimonial Dr.Devigus

    Automatic photo management
    Kitview allows you to take photos with one or more cameras, smartphones or tablets, to send them instantly in full screen on your computer, they will be automatically attached to the current patient.

    Centralization of documents
    « Everything in one place »
    In addition t...

  • Wer ist Chris der Money Saver?

    Chris teilt seine wertvollen Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen, um andere Zahnarztpraxen bei der Optimierung ihrer Materialbeschaffungs- und Warenwirtschaftsprozesse zu unterstützen. Fragen und Kommentare sind herzlich willkommen!

  • Phone Mastery for Dental Practices

    Phone Mastery for Dental Practices" is your essential resource for mastering the art of dental phone conversations. In a competitive dental industry, effective phone communication is vital for attracting and retaining patients. This guide provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to el...

  • Herzlich Willkommen bei Blackdent auf DentalTV

    Habt ihr je überlegt, wie viel eure monatlichen Materialkosten wirklich betragen?
    Wie kann man Kosten in der Praxis senken bzw besser in den Griff bekommen?

  • Employee well-being and mental health in dentistry

    Employee well-being and mental health in dentistry are often overlooked. The demanding nature of the profession can lead to burnout, anxiety, and depression. Dental practices must prioritize employee well-being by providing a supportive environment, work-life balance, counseling, and stress manag...

  • Successful as a Woman in Dentistry - What you need to know

    Although these factors apply to all dental professionals, women in dentistry may face some unique challenges and opportunities. Here's what you need to know to be successful as a woman in dentistry. Remember, success in dentistry, as in many professions, is a journey rather than a destination. Co...